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tv   Weekend Early Start  CNN  February 23, 2013 3:00am-3:59am PST

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join me this sunday for my oscar preview from the red carpet. immediately after the academy awards, i will be joined by an all star panel as we look at the winners, styles and surprises of the night. here are my personal picks. best supporting actor, tommy lee jones, best actress, jennifer lawrence, best director, steven spielberg, best movie, "argo." take that to the bank if you want to lose a few dollars. that's all for us tonight.
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from cnn world headquarter, in atlanta, this is "early start" weekend. it's the hotel at the center of the mysterious death of a tourist but not the first time a guest has checked in and never left. tomorrow may be hollywood's biggest night, but it's racing's biggest day. we'll take to you florida for a live look ahead at the daytona 500. and want that hollywood body without having to starve, purge and live at the gym? of course the answer is yes. desiree has inside tips to help you look like an oscar nominee. it's saturday, february 23rd. good morning, everyone. i'm victor blackwell. good to you have with us. randi kaye is off today. oscar pistorius is starting a new life, but one with significant restrictions on his
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freedom. already a celebrity in his native south africa, pistorius is now a hunted man by paparazzi. look at this. after posting bond yesterday, photographers chased the olympic sprinter's car. pistorius must also adapt to these conditions set by a magistrate. he can't go back to his home. he had to give up his passport. he can't even go near an airport, surrendered weapons, can't drink alcohol and must report to police every monday and friday. a senior international correspondent, nic robertson, is covering the blade runner's case. i guess he can continue to train, but a lot has changed. >> reporter: his life has changed. it's turned around 180 degrees. he spent the night at his uncle's house according to local news reports. at least his uncle said he took a bath, has had some food to eat, indicating he really hadn't eaten much over the past six days while in jail, or been in detention, at least, and also that he wanted to speak with his
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family. oscar pistorius wanted to speak to his own family as the death of reeva steenkamp. a strenuous schedule, get him back to training, his family concerned about his mental well-being. hard to see him getting on a running track and getting back to what he used to do, let alone competition. no international competition. his life is never going to be the same, victor. >> seeing all the changes and how they go until the start of the actual trial. nick ro nic robertson, thank you. oscar pistorius's, what do you believe? coming up we'll talk to a legal expert from south africa, and watch the a.c. 360 special. "blade runner: murder or mistake" tonight at 9:00 eastern on cnn. now that lance armstrong,
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the government is getting involved in this case. the department of justice is joining a lawsuit against armstrong, and this stems from his admission that he used performance-enhancing drugs. you see, when he won all the tour de france titles he was riding for the u.s. postal service team, and the team was partially funded with money from the federal government. now the government wants some of that money back. joining me on the phone to talk about armstrong and his lawsuit is dave shields. he writes about cycling, has been helping us make sense of this armstrong story from the very beginning. dave, good to have you. the first question here is, you know, it's sad to say that people get over on the federal government all the time. why did the department of justice decide to join this lawsuit? was it public pressure? >> i'm not sure that it is public pressure. it was -- i think that on the part of the government, it might be a perception that it would be well-received, and it doesn't seem to be going over that way. a lot of people seem to be thinking just like you're
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implying. that -- wow. lance has got his share of trouble, and it doesn't seem to stop. >> you're a cycling insider. tell us what the insiders think. where should this end or should they want to the see lance armstrong punished more? >> reporte >> i think there's a wide disparatesy what people think. now we know he's guilty and don't want to hear more. we just want to move on. as a sport, this whole story is damage to the sport, in a pretty big way, in terms of the public's perception of the sport and a lot of people are just tired of that. on the other hand, there's a lot of people who think, it's a good thing that -- that, you know, the truth is winning out, and that lance is going to have to pay a price for this. so -- >> yeah, price.
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monetarily and otherwise, but let's talk about the money because he told oprah during that big interview that he had a $75 million day, where he lost all of the major endorsements. i mean, is there any way he were put this behind him monetarily? >> there's no way, in my mind, that lance is coming back economically, and, in other words, i think his brand is totally destroyed, and any thought on his part that he was going to save his brand by his admission is really -- it's just not going to work, because his admission, essentially -- he's a little bit different than other athletes who have had maybe falls from grace. a huge part of his popularity was due to his perceived integrity, and when he completely admits that he doesn't have integrity, i think it's going to be very difficult for anybody to trust him in the way that they in the past. impossible, as a matter of fact. >> major lawsuit, and there could be more.
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dave shields, helping us understand this from start to finish. thank you. >> you bet. any time. in washington state, six underground tanks at the sprawling nuclear complex are leaking radioactive waste. there's no immediate public health risk, he says, but it's disturbing. last shut down in 1987. despite a massive cleanup effort, it's still the country's most contaminated nuclear site. not even microsoft is safe from hackers. it says hackers infected a small number of its computers with malicious software. it's investigating and says there's no evidence customer data was stolen, but hackers also recently attacked apple and facebook. investigators identify another victim in thursday's deadly shooting and a car crash on the las vegas strip. taxi passenger sandy sutton was killed when someone in a black range rover othered fire on a
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maserati. the maserati crashed into the taxi, which burst into flames and the driver of the cab was killed. an autopsy is under way on the maserati driver. he's been identified at aspiring rapper kenneth cherry. police are still looking for the range rover mentioned. and $85 billion in cuts. when the numbers are that big, it's hard to put them into perspective, as cnn national correspondent jim acosta explains, that's exactly what the white house is at least trying to do. >> reporter: victor, the secretary of transportation used the word calamity to describe how the automatic spending cuts will impact air travelers across the country and how the white house is trying to bypass congress to win this budget battle. sitting down whip the japanese prime minister, president obama was all but saying, so long to congress, when it comes to those forced spending cuts now just
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one week away. >> i will just keep on making my case not only to congress but more importantly to the american people. >> reporter: to make his case, the president is spending more time going over the heads of gop leaders, appearing on talk radio. >> so what i need listeners to do more than snig just put a little bit of pressure on congress, as usual, to get their act together and do the right thing. >> reporter: the white house also sent out transportation secretary ray la hood to worn how the cuts will impact air travel. 47,000 federal aviation employees would face furloughs meaning fewer in the towers and small delays. in smaller airports, air traffic controllers could be closed altogether. >> experience delays up to 90 minutes during peak hours. >> reporter: lahood urged republicans in congress to see the movie "lincoln" to learn how to work together. >> now, now -- >> first of all, you're getting an acting performance, because
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you are -- you're going to be scaring the public today. this is going to be scaring the public about their travel plans. >> well, we'll see what the reaction of the public is. what i'm trying to do is to wake up members of the congress on the republican side to the idea that they need to come to the table, offer a proposal, so that we don't have the to have this kind of calamity in air service in america. >> reporter: but on twitter, white house press secretary jay carney in the speaker's office traded tweets over who's to blame with carney noting a poll showing the americans support the president's view on reduction. public opinion is on their side, they believe. >> the fact of the matter is we can't get anything done without a bill passing the house of representatives. >> reporter: some republicans say, hold on. senator coburn sent a letter to the white house asking why some administration officials are spending money traveling the country advises communities on
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how to secure federal dollars saying it is important that we as public officials lead by example, but that won't stop washington's latest game of budget chicken, one the president seems comfortable playing. >> unlike issues like the debt ceiling, the sequester going into effect will not threaten, you know, the world financial system. >> reporter: administration officials says once again they're open to a short-term deal to head off the budget cuts, but in the meantime the president still plans to travel to virginia next week to visit a naval ship builder he says will take a direct hit if these cuts go through. >> just six days. jim acosta, thanks. nuew england is getting reay for its third straight weekend of snow. enough is enough now. two weeks after a blizzard buried this region. today's storm could bring as much as a foot and a half of snow to some places. this storm already pummelaled the northwest.
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must make adrenaline pump and pulses quicken. ♪ to help you not just to stay alive... but feel alive. the new c-class is no exception. it's a mercedes-benz through and through. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. 14 minutes amp the hour. good to have you with us this morning. now, when cardinals meet to elect the next pope they could make history by electing the first black pope. a cardinal from gahana is considered a front-runner and one person in particular is
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pulling for him. a doctor from upstate new york. reporter susan candiotti met the doctor. >> reporter: near albany, new york, orthopedic surgeon joe marada specializes in healing broken bones, but among his friends, someone who helps heal broken souls. what is it like knowing someone who could be the next pope? >> well, it's very exciting. >> reporter: vatican-bashaned cardinal peter turkson, he would be the first black pope and a rare non-european. >> my idol. >> reporter: the two met a few years ago when his pastor introduced his colleague peter, and peter turned out to be -- >> turned out to it be cardinal peter turkson president of the pontifical at the vatican and close adviser to the holy father.
3:18 am
>> reporter: the doctor has since done surgely in ghana and is raising money for an orthopedic clinic there. when the cardinal visits albany about once a year he often stops to say mass at this small parish, saint joan of arc where this doctor attends. he attended seminary and on ap recent u.s. trip, he picked him up at the airport. as he dozed off, he couldn't help budget think -- >> here's a man that could be the next pope. i got a little nervous and started to take my foot off the gas and slowed way down. >> reporter: if cardinal turkson is elected, dr. marada predicts high energy but has a low expectation for major change. >> he has told me that, i need to understand that the church is thousands of years old. that change and adoption of new ideas in the church by necessity
3:19 am
takes place very, very slowly. >> reporter: marada exchanges e-mails and phone calling with the cardinal, but perhaps not for long. and with that change in your relationship,s does it make you sad? >> it does make me sad, because i've come to love and appreciate him and to look up to him, and to really rely on his counsel. >> reporter: even arranging an audience with pope benedict to tell him about the clinic in ghana. do you remember your knees shaking? >> oh, yes. i was very nervous and very pale and tongue-tied at first. >> reporter: it could turn out he was in the presence of a future pope as well. susan candiotti, cnn, albany, new york. and tomorrow pope benedict holds his last blessing and cnn covers it live in the 6:00 a.m. hour. also tomorrow, the daytona 500. the super bowl of motorsports and all the talk this week is
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about one driver -- danica patrick. we take you live to the track. first, not everyone in america qualified to go to college is able to go. attacking the problem head-on. this man started a mentoring program preparing high school students to be college students for free and he's this week's "cnn hero." >> the state took me and my siblings away from my mom when i was 14. now we live with our grandparents. i don't want to be faced with the limits that my mom faced, and that's why i want to go to college. my grandparents only went to grade school. there was nobody out there that could help me figure out how i could reach my dream. >> applying to college can be very bewildering. there's over 400,000 low-income students every year who graduate
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qualified to go to a four-year college, and they just don't go. my name is michael carter, and i help qualified underserved students apply to, pay for and stay in college. >> finish theirs fafsas. >> to help students through the entire process. >> how many more apps do you have to do? >> none. >> you did them all? >> i did it all. >> that's pretty good. >> it's completely free. students pick their mentor and they meet weekly until they're accepted into college. >> i have never really thought of myself as the greatest student. like -- >> all the anatomy -- >> now i'm a sophomore. my full tuition is covered and i'm mentoring a high school student to prove that striving for college works. >> all: everybody!
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all right. let's talk sports now and this weekend's main event. the noise is deafening. speeds top at 200 miles per
3:26 am
hour. of course, i'm talking daytona before bleacher reports joe carter is this morning. joe, i hear that danica mania is really getting a lot of people -- looking at this sport in a new way, including the daughters of some of the drivers? >> reporter: yeah, that's right, victor. good morning to you from daytona beach, soon to be sunny, hopefully, daytona beach, florida. those drivers, jimmie johnson, jeff gordon, all have little girls and all of their girls simply. to meet danica patrick. when she won the poll, jeff gordon's daughter ella, dad, please, let me take a picture with danica patrick. two took a picture in victory lane. so cute. and sharing a story about edwards daughter wanting to meet her. this is why, danica, win or lose, matters to the sport of
3:27 am
nascar. >> three pretty big drivers that have little girls that wanted to meet me. that's very flat eteflattering. carl was saying it's good she sees you, in a buff situation, because for her you're like a mythical creature that doesn't exist. >> i've handed out more lug nuts in a garage area since i have since i've been here. so it's pretty amazing to see the little kids and the girls especially. >> reporter: well, it's not just a man's job anymore. kristen abbott, the first female nascar pit crew member and her job to change 60-pound tires during a truck series race. on sunday, shadowing a crew and hoping to get enough experience to earn the upcoming race. is combines unbelievable fatigue and exacting precision. her words. not mine. and danica patrick is not the only woman making sports
3:28 am
histories think weekend. saturday night, tonight, the first women to fight in the octagon for ufc. rousey, the readliner, the newest star, the other a marine and the first open gate fighter in ufc history. and manti te'o at the combine sitting down with team, coaches and owners trying to improve his draft stock and remove himself from that internet hoax scandal. to read more about that and more about the nfl combine go to victor, can't wait for the sun to come up because it's going to be 85 degrees today. you're jealous, what? >> compared to, what? 35, 45, atlanta? >> yes. oscar pistorius may be thanking his legal team, but will he later regret the tactics that got him freed on bail? the defense may have presented too many details. three. my credit card rewards are easy to remember
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30 minutes 35679 the hour. i'm victor blackwell. it is a pleasure to have you with us this morning. here's what's happening, the new england area is about to get walloped by another winter storm. i'm sorry, new england. it's expected to bring as much as a foot and a half of snow to parts of massachusetts, new hampshire, maine. the storm already did a number on the midwest, leaving slick roads and cancelled flights in its way. this is likely to cause more problems before heading out over the atlantic on monday. the pentagon ordered its entire fleet of f-35 fighter jets grounded. here's why. a crack was found in the engine of one of the planes during a routine inspection. at nearly $400 billion, this high-tech jet system, this is for all of them, the most expensive weapon system in military history.
3:33 am
$400 billion buys you 51 planes in that fleet. a homework assignment has many up in arms. listen to this. two teachers at a new york elementary school wrote math word problems on slavery. here's one of the questions -- in a slave ship, there are 3,799 slaves. one day the slaves took over the ship. 1,897 slaves were dead. how many slaves are left? we could have done this with apples. the department of education says they will take disciplinary action against those teachers. training will also be required for all staff at the school. the justice department says it plans to sue lance armstrong for using performance-enhancing drugs. they will join in the suit filed two years ago by former teammate floyd landis. the civil lawsuit claims that armstrong and his teammates violated their sponsorship agreement whip the u.s. postal team by doping. the formal complaint will be
3:34 am
filed in 60 days. oscar pistorius is free on bail after a magistrate's ruling. he's due back in court june 4th facing a charge of premeditated murder in the killing of her girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. her father spoke to a south african newspaper. if he speaks the truth, her father said, i can some day forgive him. if it did not happen as he told it, he must suffer. described to cnn's jake tapper. >> what would you like people to know about reeva? what kind of person was she? >> she was a most amazing human being. she was kind to everybody. she was always concerned about everybody else's well-being, more than her own, and always looked after everybody and i just feel nobody ever got the chance to look after her. >> oscar pistorius's legal team won a big victory in getting him released on bail, but that
3:35 am
achievement could come at a cost as this case moves forward. law professor at south africa's university. david, thanks for being with us. >> good morning. >> you followed this four-day hearing very closely. what surprised you the most about the defense team's presentation? >> well, of course, there was a lot of drama because of the notoriety of mr. pistorius, but the fact is that the defense was driven to put up a good deal of detail about its case, which is quite a risk in the light of the fact that ultimately mr. pistorius is going to have to stand trial and the minute details of the statements made will be subject to very careful scrutiny. >> i think one of the things that surprised a lot of people in the u.s. who watched this was that the judge, the magistrate hearing went on and on and on for two hours before delivering this ruling.
3:36 am
why did this go on for so long? >> well, i think he obviously realized that he had the eyes of the world upon him, and he wanted to make sure that he did a thorough job. it was probably a little longer than it needed to be, but he was careful to set out the law and explain the factors that led limb to the conclusion which he did, which is that ultimately mr. pistorius should be admitted to bail. perhaps longer than it should have been but clearly he realized everybody wanted him to do a good job and i think he did a reasonably good job. >> one change after the ly 250, rand. what was that about? >> i think it was really about the manner in which the amount could be paid. given that the ruling came down on a friday afternoon, it wasn't very easy for him to pay the million rand right there and then and so there were some negotiations to ensure that he
3:37 am
paid 100,000 grand immediately and then the rest of security woi have to find in the next few days. it was simply to admit him to bailened go home and not have to spend the weekend in prison. >> david, one of the interesting story lines here came out in the middle of the week. this lead investigator now himself faces attempted murder charges. how much of a distraction is this and how much does it jeopardize the credibility of the state's case? >> well, i don't think it ultimately makes a great deal of difference to the state's case. it certainly made a difference in the way the magistrate assessed the bail hearing because the match state didn't do well under cross-examination and deeply regrettable that he himself should be the subject of criminal charges. it's not that atypical that officers are accused.
3:38 am
regrettable it came out in the way, probably shouldn't have been put on the case to begin with, but he was and didn't do perhaps as well as he might have. but i didn't think it will great ly be bad for the case because it wills a will -- >> maybe a year out from the start of the trial. thank you so much. a mysterious death has really stumped the los angeles police officers. a canadian tourist found dead in the water tower of a skid row hotel. it's another page in the hotel's mysterious past. [ female announcer ] this is your moment.
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in los angeles, police are struggling to figure out how the body of a canadian tourist ended up in the water tower of a skid row hotel. these are the final haunting images we have of alyssa lam. the latest death is hardly the first tragic incident in a hotel way haunted past. >> reporter: in the city of the famous and those who would be famous, the cecil hotel is best known for its infamy. founded in the 1920s the hotel sits in downtown los angeles, a stone's throw from skid row.
3:43 am
the neighborhood around the cecil changed over the decades. despite the city's best effort to gentrify it, the hotel remain as symbol of the area's dark past. >> thank you for calling the european-style cecil hotel. the best affordable hotel in downtown los angeles. >> reporter: calling itself the premiere choice of affordable downtown los angeles hotels, the cecil attracts mostly low-income residents. in the '50s and '60s, known as a place at the end of their rope would end their life. in 1985, the choice hideout for serial killer richard ramirez, convicted of killing at least 13 people throughout los angeles. ramirez reportedly lived at the hotel for months. also found kmpt at the cecil, jack may have killedship victims there and the actress known at black dahlia hung out in the hotel before her brutal murder in 1947, and now this. the decomposing body of a
3:44 am
canadian tourist found in one of the hotel's water tanks. guests here were noticeably upset. >> wouldn't you be, if -- if there was a dead body in the water you were using and drinking. >> reporter: canadian tourist elisa lam was there for weeks. >> shower awful, the water, and when you turned the tap on, the water was dumbing bla icoming b >> reporter: the mystery at the hotel with a haunted past. >> this story is unbelievable. >> bizarre. >> as the days go on we learn more, or learn that we don't know as much as we should. >> don't know enough. >> so how close are police to finding out what happened to elisa lam? >> the short answer is, not close at all. conducted an autopsy and it wasn't conclusive whether or not she died accidentally or perhaps was murdered. they're waiting on toxicology
3:45 am
reports that could, of course, take weeks. we still don't know how she died. her family's going have to wait a long time to find out what's happened. >> the legal implications, we'll find out about later. the body in the water, ooh. thanks. the flu shot. you will not believe how few people it helped, especially among the most vulnerable. and hollywood's a-lichte, tra training hardget ready for the oscars. our fits in expert, here to show us how they do it. for real this. for real this. step seven point two one two. verify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one. standing by for capture. the most innovative software on the planet... dragon is captured. is connecting today's leading companies to places beyond it.
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there is very good news this morning for people battling breast cancer. the fda approved a new drug for a certain type of late-stage cancer. the company that developed the drug hopes to get it to patients within the next two weeks but it's expensive. the course of treatment with this drug will cost about $94,000. the cdc says most senior whose took this year's flu vaccine got nothing out of it. for people over 65 years old, it was effective in just 9% of cases. researchers say the rates of hospitalization and death for the most common strain of the flu this year with some of the highest they've ever seen. the vaccine did help more than half of those under 65. speaking of being effective, there's a right way and a wrong way to get into shape. ahead of the oscars we're looking at how the stars do it. we've watched anne hathaway drop 25 pounds for "les mis."
3:50 am
matthew mcdoucdone hi more hims and sometimes they do it the right way. sometimes they don't. good to have you with us, a nutritious and fits in instructor. talk about jennifer lawrence. she has been critical of the rail thin actresses who keep themselves so thin, but she herself has had to get into shape for roles and for the red carpet. whap whapts what's the routine? >> trainers have different functions of training. basically movements and exercises you do on a daily basis. so for katniss aberdeen, climbing tree, running, sprinting. fire, archery, had to do a lot of exercises that mimicked those movements. she would do sprinting, agility
3:51 am
drills. worked with medicine balls, which i have here and if we have time will play with. >> so let's talk about diet, though, and what you should eat, shouldn't eat. we know that jamie foxx for "django unchained" had to put on a lot of muscle? >> a lot of functional training as well because he's doing the work of a slave in that movie. he actually had to focus more on his back and getting his posture correct. you know i love posture. >> yes, you do. >> and stop doing the chest pressing. stop overdeveloping the chest muscles and work more on functional training getting his back straight because they were doing all these sorts of movements in the movie. >> talk about crash dieting. a lot of stars do that, too. that's the unhealthy way to do it. >> exactly. >> what is wrong with the way they do it and how should vep do it as it relates to the diet? >> first of all, with these movie roles these actsers have medical supervision. dietitians, on hand 24/7. getting paid money.
3:52 am
this is their job. no one should be doing this. no one should be following these diets. for instance, jennifer lawrence for her "hunger games" role, portion control and higher percentage of carbohydrates. >> apparently we have time -- >> oh, good. first we'll do what's call as wood chop. the only one i'm going to make you do. you're going to come down to the outside of your leg. give me a nice little squat. come down and twist up and then come back down. >> what am i repairs on my body? >> working our legs, our core, our arms and doing a functional training because we're twisting and sliding. good. you can stop there now. >> yeah. we get the idea. >> another thing with the medicine ball, with twists, mimical movements. step back, twist and come back to center. >> every time you're here i'm vetting myself in some new
3:53 am
interesting way. thank you so much. >> thank you. so the royal baby bump make as debut. the maverick ain't going to take it and double-barreled biden is doing it again. here's a look at the week that was. >> how do you feel about president obama playing golf with tiger woods? >> yeah, calms up, hey, tiger, you want to play? >> vice president joe biden is out with another one of those sound bites. >> you will have to protect yourself, get a double barrel shotgun. >> oop. >> senator john mccain facing an angry crowd. >> you've had enough time, pal. you've had enough time. >> tiger wuf athe commander and teammate. average joe shoots from the hip and the maverick meets his match. all stories making headline in the "week that was." >> imitations you cannot pass up. >> like, wanting to golf with the president. >> you know you have a good marriage when you say, sure, honey, go have a guy's weekend with tiger woods. >> reporter: so he did. the president flying solo without the fam in florida and
3:54 am
teaming up with tiger on the links. tiger woods gave the president very valuable tips. the most value about one, erase all your text messages. that's the first thing do you. >> vice president joe biden is spear pr heading a push for president obama's gun control proposal. the advise he gave to a woman worried about protecting her home. >> if want to protect yourself, get a double barrel shotgun, walk out on the balcony. >> here we go. >> fire two blasts. >> his point. >> you don't need an ar-15. harder to aim and use and in fact you don't need 30 rounds to protect yourself. >> of course, you could just write it off as -- >> gosh, joe biden being joe biden. >> reporter: alec baldwins legendary temper may have reared its ug hi led again. >> threatened their reporter and a racial slur at their photographer.
3:55 am
>> because baldwin is now accuseed of yelling a racial slur, the case turned into more than that nasty temper. >> alec baldwin the hate crime investigation. >> both men timed complaints against one another. >> i'm in charge. you're not, and i can tell you that it's not going to be the case. >> arizona senator john mccain got more than an ear full during a town hall meeting this week. >> build the dang fence. where's the fence? >> hot topic, immigration. >> you've had enough time, pal. you've had enough time. >> the no none sense maverick. >> it's not true. >> never one to stand down to a fight. >> occasionally i get a jerk like you here. so, thank you. and duchess kate's royal ruckus. >> the world's most famous mom to be revealing that bump. it's a tiny baby bump. >> but the whole world saw it. >> as the british newspaper, the daily mail breathlessly put it today, kate put her baby bump on
3:56 am
parade. >> um -- okay. >> reporter: and that's a look at "the week that was." my mother made the best toffee in the world. it's delicious. so now we've turned her toffee into a business. my goal was to take an idea and make it happen. i'm janet long and i formed my toffee company through legalzoom. i never really thought i would make money doing what i love. [ robert ] we created legalzoom to help people start their business and launch their dreams. go to today and make your business dream a reality. at we put the law on your side.
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